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Care at Home

As all of those working within Domiciliary Care, Outreach Care, or End of life care (to name a few) will know, it is one of the most varied, challenging and demanding areas of Health and Social Care, for both providers, and their staff. The balancing act of needing to increase capacity, while maintaining quality, on top of demands from commissioners, and clients, makes for an extremely difficult sector of care. With years of experience attending commissioning meetings, forums, contract reviews and workshops, we know that there is always one main topic of conversation that dominates discussion, and that is recruitment and retention of staff.


Our first-hand experience has shown us that there are specific attributes and strengths that are needed, more so with "care at home" workers than any other, and they include:


* Ability to work on own initiate 

* Great timekeeping

* Organised 

* Flexible

* Resilient


Don't forget we've been there. We've scheduled, supported, managed, and covered - we wouldn't send you somebody who didn't understand the demands of a role within your sector. 

Residential Care

the service, including sickness, lateness, professional boundaries, and motivation, especially when working long shifts. Not to mention the more rigorous CQC inspection criteria, often with multiple inspectors visiting over a 3-5 day period. It is for all these reasons that we know how important having skilled, passionate, and resilient staff is to you. After all, they are the ambassadors of your service, representing you to residents, family, and CQC inspectors.

From retirement villages to specialist care and nursing homes, residential support forms a major part of the Health and Social Care industry, and brings its own set of challenges, with successful recruitment and retention being at the core of success. Although residential settings can often offer support staff better contractual conditions than domiciliary care staff, such as guaranteed hour contracts and regular working patterns, there are added pressures to

Supported Living

Supported living can take place in a number of “home” settings, be it privately rented accommodation, purpose-built housing, or a larger purpose-built facility with several individual accommodations. Working with adults with learning disabilities or autism is very different to working with the elderly, or with children. Of course we’re aware, as are you, that there are many transferable skills across the industry, however, we make sure that the candidates we present to you have the following attributes, to ensure they’ll fit right into the role:


* Patience and understanding


* Sensitivity towards service users’ specialist needs


* An awareness of “mental capacity”, and an ability to  encourage positive, and safe, life choices


* A passion for providing not only support, but encouragement and guidance


* Ability to deal with challenging behaviours

Child Services

At CRM we have a wealth of experience working within children’s services including:


* Care at home for children

* Children’s homes

* Specialist services for disabled children

* Purpose built respite services for children


Working with children can be extremely rewarding, but it is worlds apart from working with adults and the elderly, for so many reasons. This is why we have tailored processes to ensure we are sourcing the right candidates who are energetic, creative, resourceful and adaptive.

The fundamental difference between adult and child services, from a care provider perspective, is the regulations that they are required to operate within. The regulator and inspectorate OFSTED have their own approach to inspections, monitoring and classifications, so of course, this has a bearing on recruitment and retention processes. What use to you, is a candidate who has lots of experience within the “care industry”, if all of that experience is centred around working with the elderly, and being monitored and inspected by CQC? Ultimately, when recruiting managers and senior managers, it can be just as time-consuming and expensive to re-programme a candidate without relevant experience, than it can to take someone on with no experience at all. That’s why when you ask us for individuals with experience and expertise in child care then those are the only candidates we’ll send your way.

Which sector are you recruiting for?

The sourcing and appointment of valuable, knowledgeable, and reliable staff is absolutely vital to the operation and success of any provider. However, we know that this is an extremely time consuming, costly and disheartening process, that turns out a very low ratio of successful staff, whom add real value to your organisation in the long term. There are many recruitment agencies, operating within Hampshire, who will tell you that they are “specialists in care”, but how likely is it that they have 

been sat at 3pm on a Friday afternoon with 12 hours to cover, 2 staff off sick, and no employees answering their phones…Well we have, and that is exactly what makes us different. We have years of experience providing the support, co-ordinating the calls, managing the services, and directing the organisation, so we fully understand the pressures at all levels.

Read about the sectors we recruit for below...

Obviously the above sectors aren't an exhaustive list of the different places your company might fall. Below is a further exemplary list of the types of care we also recruit for:


  • Palliative Care
  • Convalescent Care
  • Respite Care
  • Adult day-care
  • Rehabilitative Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Hospice Care
  • Help at home
  • Personal Care
  • Continuing Care
  • Terminal Care
  • Specialist Care
  • Custodial Care
  • Assisted Living Care
  • Home Health Care
  • Emergency Care
  • Pop-in Service Care
  • Children’s Residential Care

If you need help filling any of the roles below, or you have another position you'd like to recruit for with the Health and Social Care industry, then get in touch with us today to discuss our experience and "Price Promise":


  • Support Worker
  • Care Worker
  • Care Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Support Assistant
  • Carer
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Residential Assistant
  • Senior Support Worker
  • Night Support Worker
  • Waking Night Support Worker
  • Community Support
  • Outreach Worker
  • Scheduler
  • Scheduling Assistant
  • Care Coordinator
  • Deputy Manager
  • Register Manager
  • Head of Operations
  • Head of Department
  • Activities Worker
  • Rehabilitation Assistant
  • Team Leader / Supervisor
  • Support Office
  • Trainer / Assessor
  • Specialist Support
  • Section Manager