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Why work with us?

If you’ve been searching for help with your recruitment then, chances are, you will already be aware of just how many recruitment agencies are on the market, even along the south coast alone. However, how many agencies have you found that are truly “specialists” in the Health and Social Care Industry?


If you think you’ve found any, then you might want to ask a few more questions: Does the agency work solely within my industry? Have these “specialists” actually worked in the industry for years? Does this agency help recruit entry level roles, such as support workers, and night staff, as well as higher paid roles, such as Registered and Operational Managers? We’re pretty certain that the answer to at least one of these questions is “no” – but we’re proud to say that our answer is yes to all of them.


Care Recruitment Matters offers a no-nonsense, quality, and transparent service, and our experience in the care industry will always set us apart from the rest.

This is why we ARE different:

Price Match Promise...

We are the only recruiter we know that consistently offers a “price match promise” to all clients. If you are working with a recruitment agency whose fee is cheaper than ours, we’ll not only match their price, but we’ll beat it by a further 10% off the original fee. For example, if your existing recruiter offers you a fee of £1500 per placement, we would charge you £1350.

We only cover the South Coast...

We’re local, we’re always a short drive away, and we will meet with you and your team, and be on call, whenever you need us to pop in.

We earn our commission...

At CRM we work hard for our money from the get go. We contact all candidates before and after their interviews, and are always on call for their questions, and yours. One thing is for sure, you will not be left asking yourself, what am I paying for ?

We don’t ask for exclusivity...

Many recruiters will request that you work with them exclusively. Well we like a bit of healthy competition! Besides it’s our job to show you that, regardless of how many other agencies you work with, we will be the ones to deliver the right candidates for you.

Care is all we do...

We don’t cover all industries, or have multiple departments, manned by 50+ agents. We know the challenges your industry brings, from all levels, and across all sectors.

We are transparent...

We know you know how challenging recruitment can be, so we'll be completely honest throughout the whole process. If issues arise, we're not going to lie to you, but we are going to do our best to sort them out.